In this book seven women tell their life stories. I asked each one of them to begin with her childhood and to talk about whatever she thought was important in her life - and I recorded what she said.

All the women work or recently worked as housecleaners. A short essay about their work world and its effects on their personal and family worlds follows the  Table of Contents. It explains why housecleaners are usually seen as the elite of domestic workers. And, it describes the difficult family situations often faced by Latin American immigrant women who, in recent decades, have become the majority of domestic workers in Southern California.




In summer and often in fall the coast begins its day fog-bound. On lucky days the sun breaks through gently an hour before the early games end. Beach goers spread their towels and raise their umbrellas in anticipation of the sun. As I photographed the players on the sand, flat light and crowded backgrounds were the greatest challenges. October produced more pictures than any other month.




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Photos of a Maya community
(Zinacantan, Chiapas, Mexico)
taken between 1960 and 1971.







Photos taken while waiting
for places to open, for
airplanes, friends and healthcare.